Introduction to Eye Craft External Thermal Insulation System

The Eye Craft external thermal insulation system, is – as the name suggests- a n external wall thermal insulation system, or External Insulation and Finish System (EIFS), that uses high quality polystyrene products as the main thermal insulation material, known as Expanded Polystyrene Surface Board (EPS) coated with layers of mesh and a mixture of adhesive and other ingredients. Because of the materials used, the system is very flexible and design friendly, the finishing result could be anything from solid paint to wood or stone appearance. Patterns, motifs, crowns and frames could also be designed and fixed using the same system with many texture and finishing options and uncountable solid paint color pallets.
In addition to the beauty aspect of the system, it is very efficient in insulation and energy saving, by reducing the U-Value, it increases the efficiency of cooling/heating systems in any building which leads to a notable increase in energy saving and therefore increase in energy use bills, which altogether leads to better quality of life.
Eye Craft thermal insulation as mentioned before is an exterior system that is applied on exterior walls of the building forming an envelope, without the need of cement or plaster coat the walls prior to the application. The system is an excellent solution to use for new projects as well as renewal projects.