A U-Value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a wall. It is useful as it is a way of predicting the composite behavior of an entire building element rather than relying on the properties of individual materials. A low U-Value usually indicates high levels of insulation. This means the lower the U-Value – the better insulation and performance you get from the system, and vice versa, the higher the U-Value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope.

In the table below are the U-values according to the thickness of the EPS Board thickness used, based on 200mm concrete hollow blocks.


Eye Craft System U-Value K-Value
Thickness mm W/ (m2.k) W/(m.K)
35 0.75 0.0263
40 0.68 0.0272
50 0.58 0.029
60 0.50 0.030